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World Climate Change Conference (COP)

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are yearly conferences held in the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They serve as the formal meeting of the UNFCCC parties (Conference of the Parties, COP) to assess progress in dealing with climate change.

COP is the foremost gathering of climate change leaders, experts and influencers in the world, welcoming tens of thousands of delegates and more then 100 participating countries on an annual basis.

COP Expertise

Within the context of COP, specializes in delegation services and consultancy for the hosting of the summit as a whole. We have developed and finetuned this expertise through the past years to offer a unique turnkey suite of services and solutions.

This approach uniquely positions as a reliable, independent partner with unmatched experience and capability to deliver specialized services and consultancy before and during the summit, providing continuity and peace of mind for host country, UNFCCC and delegations.

Our Services for COP


The preparation for the summit in an upcoming host country can be a complex endeavour. serves as an independent consultant, providing insights, experience from previous editions and a deep understanding of the inner workings of COP to foster decision-making processes, forward-thinking project timelines, technical specifications and other key aspects of COP.

Exhibitor & Delegate Services

With our specialized experience in delegation services for COP, we provide turnkey solutions for participating delegations including space rental, pavilion design + build, delegation office build, rate card services, fitting out, staffing, and other relevant services.

Our digital service portal and agile infrastructure provides exceptional value flexibility for a seamless customer experience.

Other Services provides complementary services for host country, conference organizer and delegations:

  • Technical planning

  • Live streaming and virtual events services

  • Exhibition design

  • Digital platform services

...and more

COP23, COP24, COP25

For the editions of COP in 2017 (COP23), 2018 (COP24) and 2019 (COP25),

> Services / SOW provided by OE


For COP26, (OE) was the designated exclusive provider for delegation services, appointed by the UK government.

In this role, OE was responsible for the technical planning, design and implementation of over 10,000 sqm pavilion space, over 5,000 sqm delegation offices, management of space rental on behalf of the UK government, as well as the exclusive provision of delegation services to over 130 delegations including management and delivery of delegation offices, design and build for more than 75 country pavilions, commercial services, live streaming and other essential services for participating delegations

With over 40,000 registered participants, 200 participating countries, more than 10,000 sqm of pavilion space and 5,000 sqm delegation office space, COP26 was the biggest COP ever held.

COP26: Innovative Elements

Several innovative new elements were introduced by for COP26:

Double-storey pavilions:

For the first time, COP prominently featured a large number of doublestorey pavilions, designed to the specifications and requirements of each delegation

High-quality bespoke designs: designed and delivered more than 60 bespoke pavilion designs, creating a diverse landscape of high-quality country representations unlike anything seen at COP before

Shared pavilion:

The introduction of a new “Shared Pavilion” for the first time provided the option for delegations to participate in the exhibition space without the need (or budget) to build a fully dedicated pavilion

Unmatched COP experience

COP Impressions

COP26 Impressions

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