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1point5events is a strategic partnership with Spinnacker GmbH & Co. KG. 

In cooperation with European specialists, orientations.event. e.K. have intensively worked on digital solutions for contact tracing at events. The result is a unique, customized and comprehensive solution for the event industry. 


A modern and digital realization of event processes is not only essential when it comes to organising events in conformity with COVID-19. 

Our many years of event expertise and our certification as officers for implementation of health and safety had an influence on the creation of our technical solutions.



We offer digital contact tracing solutions, which help you to capture contacts in compliance with data protection regulations. 

Contacts, and if requested also the streams of visitors, are registered via tags carried by all participants. In case of an infection, chains of contact can be identified quickly and precisely.

The system is an excellent addition to the health and safety concept of every event. It offers additional protection to the visitors, suppliers, participants, athletes, artists, exhibitors, crew etc.  



Different solutions may be implemented according to the requirements of the customer. 

Contact Tracing Standard.

Contact registration and tracing with or without distance alarm.

Infrastructure: there is a solution with and without an infrastructure.

Battery life of the wristbands: 48 - 72 hours

Contact & Position Tracing Live - Business.

Contact registration and live monitoring for business events. 

Infrastructure: is required. Detection by space, by zone or exact position (< 1m) 

Battery life of the tags: up to 13 months  

Contact & Position Tracing Live - Festival.

Contact registration and live monitoring for festivals and concerts.

Infrastructure: is required. Detection by space, by zone or exact position (< 1m) 

Battery life of the tags: up to 13 months  



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Our solutions will make events transparent and enable monitoring. This reduces worries and creates trust among authorities, participants and exhibitors.

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Event organisers and operators have full control over event processes, which enables them to intervene in an efficient and target-oriented way, if a positive Covid-19 infection is reported.


In case of a Covid-19 outbreak, contacts can be traced precisely, which avoids the need for quarantine or testing of all participants.


Event organisers will display confidence in public, which in turn also creates acceptance. 

Furthermore, it increases the chances of higher visitor numbers being approved by the public health department, which will result in higher revenues.

In addition it ensures a seamless event flow without regular scanning of QR codes at entrances or when entering different zones.

We would like to invite you, to use the innovative solutions for on-site processes in cooperation with our team. Be part of the digitalisation of our industry. A central organisation can be realized in a cost-effective way, while also protecting our resources. Please find some examples below:

Optimum control and monitoring of streams of visitors.​

Targeted coordination between the crew, suppliers and the crisis managment team. 

Monitoring of team positions relevant for safety and security at the event venue.

Essential solution for tracing of guests and vehicles at automotive events.

Central coordination of different areas to avoid high occupancy rates. This includes e.g. the catering areas.  

Optimal digital synchronization of the run of show for large shows with numerous artists and different suppliers of technology.

Optimal staff planning.

Simplified analysis of event schedules in order to create learnings for future events. Companies with an existing data strategy are at an advantage.